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Five facts concerning hijab that have to be explained

Five facts concerning hijab that have to be explained


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Rio 2016 is appearing not simply becoming a system for sporting expertise, also, it is helping shake up some traditionally-held cultural misconceptions too.

When you look at the West, a lot of respect typical Muslim clothes much like the hijab as an indication of subjection, with girls obligated to wear the clothing by guys. But it is not as simple as that: a lot of women opt to wear the hijab as an indication of trust, feminism, or simply just since they wish.

Just recently, 19-year-old Egyptian volleyball member Doaa Elghobashya€™s decision to wear a hijab while competing against Germany brought a stir. Her and partner Nada Meawada€™s staff uniform of long-sleeved tops and foot span pants are already a a€?stark contrasta€? towards German competitiorsa€™ bikinis, yet it had been Elghobashya€™s hijab that mass media interest focused entirely on.

Doaa Elgobashy during the 2016 Rio Olympics. Reuters

Elgobashy and Meawad had been the best group to represent Egypt in volleyball inside the Olympics and, in text of Elgobashy, the hijab which she gets put on for several years a€?doesna€™t always keep myself away from the abstraction i enjoy accomplisha€?. Read more

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