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If you buy drawing passes on the internet, you might be a dual loss

If you buy drawing passes on the internet, you might be a dual loss

Peggy Staruch obtained a shock this week when this bird unearthed that in the place of having to pay $3 for a lottery citation, having fun with the fortunate numbers might charging the girl $6.50 a pop music.

“It’s an awful question observe that higher $3.50 charged every time you pick a pass. You’re spending dual . . . you’re more satisfied shopping for they in the stock,” Staruch instructed the Superstar.

Staruch bought three lottery entry online in March and ahead of time April, utilizing the newer Ontario drawing and playing organization internet site,, which had been started in January.

She said she spent $3 per lottery 6/49 admission, utilizing her regal lender of Ontario CHARGE cc. But when she investigated them cc report, she learn repetitive $3.50 “cash boost fee” charges extra on to the earliest price of the tickets.

an advance loan normally identifies anyone withdrawing financial from an ATM unit on credit cards. Financial institutions frequently charge a fee your services, which could vary from $3.50 to $10.

Staruch said she called OLG regarding the $3.50 surcharge, and an individual provider adviser said it had been imposed by this model financial. Read more