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UNC Charlotte students graduate with student loan debt lower than state, national averages

UNC Charlotte students graduate with student loan debt lower than state, national averages

7 trillion, UNC Charlotte graduates have among the lowest student-loan debt of college graduates in North Carolina and across the nation. In recent years, a multi-layered, institutional commitment to student success and the student experience has worked to improve Charlotte’s on-time graduation rates – and reduce loan debt.

The numbers: Charlotte graduates’ loan debt averages a relatively low $22,000 (exclusive of parent loan debt which brings the average to $28,316), compared to the U.S. average loan debt of $28,950 (Institute of College Access and Success), and the average loan debt of $26,583 for students in North Carolina institutions.

With the latest national statistics on student-loan debt showing that 45 million student borrowers collectively owe more than $1

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UNC Charlotte received national recognition in 2019 for its student-centered approach that improved its four-year graduation rate by 17% and resulted in a 5% decline in student debt upon graduation.

  • Charlotte’s updated withdrawal policy for undergraduates encourages student success by reducing the number of unsuccessful course attempts and the undesired consequences that such attempts can have on student debt and timely graduation
  • Large course redesigns, such as statistics classes, and a campuswide focus on student success result in fewer students earning D’s, F’s or withdrawing from courses, which minimizes the need for students to pay additional tuition to repeat a course
  • A proactive advising program identifies students who are at risk and provides interventions to help them be successful
  • Enhanced student orientation, learning communities, degree maps, active learning, experiential learning, early alert systems and the 49er Rebound program to get students back on track are major factors
  • The Niner Finances Office provides financial literacy programming to students. Read more