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The strange case of The Martian and its two f-bombs

The strange case of The Martian and its two f-bombs

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There is a scene early in The Martian where stranded astronaut Mark Watney has to perform surgery on himself, pulling a chunk of metal from his own body. It’s a tense, sober scene that’s hard to watch, but does a great job of showing just how precarious Watney’s situation is while establishing his will and competence.

After the surgery is performed successfully Watney leans back and says a single word: «Fuck.» It’s a wonderful moment, a breath of air for the audience and the character. The first crisis is over, and he survived. Now comes the hard point.

That’s important

The use of that word is important, because later in the film Watney says it again: «Fuck Mars.» The two uses of the word «fuck» are audible, but those aren’t the only times the word is used in the film, although director Ridley Scott shoots around them. During one scene the camera is pulled away from Watney’s point of view into the environment of Mars. Read more

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Adam4Adam: This new Maximum Review of Gay Dating Service

Adam4Adam: This new Maximum Review of Gay Dating Service

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