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When they are thus concerned about normal sex, exactly why do this to female?

When they are thus concerned about normal sex, exactly why do this to female?

When I say any girls agreeing to this arrangement [voluntarily] become back, as expected, you come working in right here aiming to old-fashioned African female. Your demonstrated my personal point! Tribal African ladies are unaware and back! (through no-fault of one’s own. These people were raised this way getting suppressed.)

aˆ?within the old-fashioned method, polygyny is not made the decision of the males. It is/was female usually which determined. Polygyny guaranteed that a lady’s lineage is continued whenever girls out amounts males by organic option. If a guy has to be accountable for a family…and polygyny isn’t about patriarchy, or chattel…this is a large responsiblity for men finacially, psychologically, spiritually, sexually(should you want to go there) me from feel…aˆ?

You’re dealing with a culture that used female genital mutilation! And you also let me know girls experience the power to making decision about who their unique partner marry? Yah right! You are sure that why babes have their own wagina sewed upwards?aˆ“to maintain their particular virginity and shield their unique BRIDE COST terms. Thus YES, polygyny was actually quite about partriarchy, bondage (such as low priced labor), and chattel.

aˆ?and if people are over focusing intercourse instead of letting it feel normal..then the form of marriage has no genuine compound should it be monogamy or polygamy.aˆ?

This from a traditions that doesn’t enable females to decline intercourse since it is regarded as their obligation to kindly their guys?

– lady have house legal rights in a polygamous union like crystal says, ladies still have all the energy; aˆ?trust myself from feel.aˆ? Read more