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1. It’s not much more expensive than the UK

1. It’s not much more expensive than the UK

Why study abroad?

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Studying abroad is much more than just an extended holiday. It’s an academically-rewarding and culturally-enriching experience. It challenges your existing knowledge by introducing you to new perspectives and ideas. Most courses at the majority of universities offer the option to spend a year abroad or you could study your whole course https://paydayloanadvance.net/payday-loans-la/ in another country.

You may think studying abroad is expensive, but with UK universities charging up to ?9,250 a year, studying at home isn’t necessarily cheaper than studying a degree-level course overseas or going abroad for an exchange year. Some European countries, such as France and Germany, have lower tuition fees and a similar cost of living to the UK. Post-Brexit, UK students will no longer have home fee status at European universities, but some may charge low tuition fees for international students.

2. You’ll have a great chance to travel

Although studying abroad means you’ll spend a lot of time on your studies, there’ll also be many opportunities to travel. What’s more, the new friends you make will provide opportunities for places to visit in the future. Remember that travelling can be expensive so look at getting a part-time job beforehand to save some money.

3. You can learn new skills and subjects

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Many study abroad programmes don’t count towards your final degree as they’re more about the experience of living and learning in a foreign country. This means you get more freedom when it comes to module selection. So, if you’re a Chemistry student who wants a taste of Art History, for example, studying abroad could give you that chance. Also, depending on where you go, it could give you a great incentive to learn a new language.

4. You’ll grow as a person

Leaving home to study in a new country is a big step for any young adult to take. It presents a whole host of challenges culture shock, homesickness and language barriers to name a few. Read more