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All of these dating sites operate the same way

All of these dating sites operate the same way

This is not a bitter «I didn’t meet anybody» rating. Let me tell you why this site is b.s. I met someone and created a profile for her. ) Shortly after creating her profile, my personal profile got a «wink» from hers. Obviously the system FALSELY creates «winks» to get people to purchase the higher level membership (so they can respond to the wink or message.) Also, she was often listed as «online» when she was not.

The profiles with the fantastic members are not members, they’re fronts made up by the dating site

There are also several fake profiles. The irony is that my sub (who submitted a «proof» photo and was a verified member) was kicked off the site for sending out her personal e-mail and offering to sell personalized videos to other members, or -when local- meet them in person.

We received no answer to «what terms of service did we violate?» However, I am giving a 2 star for the sole fact that they DID refund the unused portion of my year-long membership when I complained that the site was a bunch of b.s. Obviously they do this because they know they’d bet all sorts of better business bureau complaints if they didn’t.

They use paid models to show you what gorgeous people are on the site, and of course, you can get on for free. You just can’t communicate. So you pay for membership, and you get hits right away.

All the sites operate the same way. Their landing site shows you gorgeous models that have such a great time there, you can meet them for free. Yes, you can see them for free, you just can’t communicate with them. So you pay for membership, and get hits right away. The problem is that the hits are too far, too weird, or just made up profiles. Read more