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Why Studying in Canada is Better than Studying in US?

Why Studying in Canada is Better than Studying in US?

Over the past couple of years, various countries emerged out as popular study abroad destinations among international students. Two of these acing up in the race are Canada and the USA. Though both US and Canada are dream destinations for students who aspire to acquire higher education abroad, in recent times Canada has overtaken the US. A few of the major contributing factors for which students prefer Canada over US are speedy processing times for study permits, easy immigration, and lower costs.

The controversies around US F1 visa freeze amidst of COVID-19 pandemic resulted in the ultimate hit to the number of students applying to study in the USA. Though the decision was revoked, the changes in H1-B student visa policies also affected the influx of international students to USA. Canada, on the other hand, did not experience and such a drastic change in the number of international students opting for higher education with them.

Before we dive into details of how pursuing higher education in Canada is better over the USA, let us have a look at the overall statistics for international students choosing either of the two study destinations

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