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Sheridan ‘talked of swingers’ club visits on clip’

Sheridan ‘talked of swingers’ club visits on clip’

The Tommy Sheridan perjury sample has been shown a 40-minute training video by which the guy presumably acknowledges to 2 times checking out a swingers’ pub.

From inside the tape, an express identified by ex-colleague Carolyn Leckie as Mr Sheridan – was listened to stating: «Done it once before in ’96 and went back in 2003».

Mr Sheridan with his spouse Gail, both 46, end up on demo during the premium judge in Glasgow implicated of perjury.

They refuse resting during his or her defamation instance with the Information of the World.

Mr Sheridan claimed ?’??200,000 in damages as soon as the paper published accusations about his or her personal daily life, declaring that he ended up being an adulterer who’d checked out a swingers’ group.

After a cops examination, Mr and Mrs Sheridan are charged with perjury.

The videos record demonstrated in judge is claimed to own surfaced after Mr Sheridan’s courtroom success.

When it is played for that court, a man’s express might heard saying: «Done it when prior to in ’96 and went back in 2003 https://hookuphotties.net. at the time it has been a great idea».

Past Scottish Socialist function (SSP) MSP and associate, Carolyn Leckie, believed the speech regarding tape making the entry am compared to Mr Sheridan.

She identified another man regarding record as George McNeilage, perfect dude at Mr Sheridan’s wedding ceremony.

The sample has already listened to from a number of witnesses whom believed Mr Sheridan instructed an SSP appointment in 2004 that he experienced checked out a swingers’ dance club.

On the record, the guy known as Mr Sheridan are listened to talking about a lady who had taken an overdose and was at medical facility because she experienced obviously come bothered by reporters, claiming she should confess to an affair with your.

The guy states: «Duncan feels he will be creating the honourable factor to conserve this lassie’s living. Read more