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The way to get validated on dissension ? How can you get a badge on dissension ?

The way to get validated on dissension ? How can you get a badge on dissension ?

We observe that this is certainly a difference, thus we’re instituting a 6 period deprecation cycle stopping on Oct 7, 2020 for every person verified that meets the criteria. Until that go out, no limitations will be enforced.

After being validated, your additional team members will get a Verified Developer badge on your dissension pages, as popularity of the profits as developers on dissension. Your own bot also got a Verified check level, to display you’re the only you!

Just how do I begin the procedure?

Directly over to your bot’s configurations page inside designer Portal. Near the top of that webpage will likely be a banner with guidance on the best way to get started. This method is available for spiders in 75 or more machines, allowing developers to preemptively use.

How long does it try see verified?

Once you submit a verification demand, a human look at your submission and get back to you.

From today before due date of Oct 7, 2020, while no restrictions are enforced, we are going to focus on a five business day turnaround energy regarding confirmation needs. During this time duration, we shall evaluate all of our process to ensure we are able to invest in quicker turnaround circumstances following the deprecation years has ended. Please keep an eye on the influx of verification requests that we will receive throughout initial roll-out.

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