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The art of introductions is the cornerstone of bringing people together

The art of introductions is the cornerstone of bringing people together

(Socially and Professionally)

When you know how to introduce yourself and others in social and business situations, your confidence level reaches new heights and you suddenly find yourself unstoppable.

And once mastered, you automatically assume the role of host wherever you go. But remember, great hosting comes with great responsibility.

How to Introduce Yourself

No matter where you go, you’re bound to see someone you don’t know. And in appropriate settings like a networking event, a birthday party, a big get-together at a friend’s home, you should make the most of these social opportunities by introducing yourself.

A self-introduction is as simple as saying, «Hi, we haven’t met. I’m (insert your name here),» as you extend your hand for the common handshake.

If you’re approaching someone you are familiar with, you could make your introduction a bit friendlier by using his name, «Mr. Robinson, my name is _________. It’s a pleasure to meet you.»

Introducing Other People Socially

  • Same age range, same gender – it doesn’t matter whose name you say first.
  • Same age range, different gender – say the female’s name first.

If one person is a VIP – the VIP’s name is spoken first. VIP = guest of honor, military officers, judges, elected officials.

Also Keep in Mind

  • When introducing relatives, be sure and give their full names. Your friends wouldn’t call your parents «Mom» or «Dad», but won’t have any other option unless you tell their names.
  • In business, and more formal occasions, use first and last names when introducing people.
  • It is always helpful to give a little more information about the people you are introducing. «Troy, this is Claire. She enjoys horseback riding, too.» You’ve just given Troy a terrific conversation starter, for which he will be grateful! Read more